Watch Lawrence O’Donnell’s epic monologue on what Trump revealed about Republicans: ‘It was all a lie’
MSNBC "The Last Word" host Lawrence O'Donnell (screengrab)

MSNBC anchor Lawrence O'Donnell on Friday blasted Republicans and President Donald Trump for hypocrisy -- and lies.

"If Donald Trump was cured of coronavirus with the experimental medicine that he's received -- if he was cured, as Rush Limbaugh so clearly believes he was, if Donald Trump was cured as the Fox hosts all believe that he was -- then Donald Trump was cured, his life was saved, by abortion," O'Donnell noted.

"So now you know that Republican politicians and Rush Limbaugh and Fox propagandists are all opposed to abortion -- except -- except when abortion can help Donald Trump or help them. Which is to say they're not really opposed to abortion, it was all a lie," he explained.

"When the sun set today, without a single elected Republican anywhere in America objecting to Donald Trump using medicines derived from abortion, we have reason to believe that they've all been lying about their opposition to fetal stem cell research that has helped develop many life-improving and life-saving medicines," O'Donnell charged.

"There are no doubt millions of people in this country who are opposed to any and all abortions, but Donald Trump is not one of them and never has been," he said. "And Rush Limbaugh is not one of them."

"It was all a lie," O'Donnell concluded.