WATCH: Shep Smith ends his show with a passionate plea to 'follow the Fauci' as COVID-19 surges

CNBC host Shepard Smith, a former veteran newsman at Fox News, on Friday begged Americans to follow guidance from Anthony Fauci to prevent the spread of COVID-19

“Those of us in New York and the Northeast are worried about you, our friends, our loved ones and our viewers across the country, now more than ever really,” Smith said. “This new COVID surge is awful. So, follow the Fauci. Not for us, we are mostly good around here, we are worried for you. So please, follow the Fauci," he said.

New York was hit hard during the initial stages of the novel coronavirus outbreak in the United States. "We lived the horror of neighbors and friends sick and dying," Smith said.

"Our region was like a sprawling ghost town, everybody indoors," the CNBC host continued. "Thawing chicken for dinner again, and playing cards and watching Netflix for hours and weeks on end. Every day ‘Groundhog Day,’ missing our friends and loved ones so much, to slow the spread and end the death and suffering. And finally it worked. We are scarred but better now — because we followed the rules and beat COVID back. We had to.”

But COVID-19 is now surging in many parts of the United States, and hospitals are starting to become overwhelmed in the rural Midwest.

Despite the surge of the deadly virus, Smith noted that many Americans still were not following health guidelines.

"Scientists tell us that next month will be historically bad unless you make a personal decision to follow the Fauci. Wear a mask, socially distance, save parties and weddings for another time. Holidays apart will be hard. Start this weekend, we will get through this," he concluded.

Watch video below: