WATCH: Trump supporter on the loose after punching progressive activists selling merch
Trump supporter in Bakersfield (screengrab)

Trump supporters and progressive activists have met at the corner of Rosedale Highway and Coffee Road in Bakersfield, Calif. for the past three weeks to sell merchandise for their candidates of choice. Often, these individuals would commence in civil discussions spanning the liberal and conservative spectrum, but mostly adhering to the boundaries laid forth by their respective groups. The people purchasing their election items...that's another story.

“My first week doing this, I’ve been maced, I’ve been hit in the back of my head with a flag pole,” said Erika Harris, a progressive activist. “My friend has been hit in the back of her head with a flag pole. I’ve had my address posted.”

Violence erupted when a Trump supporter walked her dog past a table seated with progressives. Harris recalled, “She was allowing her dog to sniff all of our stuff. It kept going towards our table so my friend tried to push her dog out of the way. Another supporter came up and started yelling that we had shoved her dog.”

A witness named Shon Todman remembered things a bit differently.

“I know exactly what started it, the guy from BLM kicked a service dog. Everything was fine," Todman said. "Everyone was talking back and forth until he kicked the dog. Once he kicked the dog, that’s when things got heated and that’s when the fight started.”

Somewhere between one or both accounts lies the truth of the situation, but what they both agreed on was that the Trump supporter threw his hand a the other person's head, missed, and then threw two punches at his face. He then flipped over the progressive activists' table.

“The people next to us who are selling the merch have been peaceful,” Harris said. “We offer each other water and we’re on good terms. It’s the people that come and buy the merch. It’s the Trump supporters that buy the merch that have been antagonizing us and giving us problems.”

“I just wish we could come together as a community, both sides, and actually start working towards trying to fix us instead of at war with each other,” Todman said.

The police are still searching for the Trump supporter who attacked the progressive activists.

Watch the video recap below.