WATCH: Trump supporters spout conspiracy theories about a wrinkle in Joe Biden's shirt

Two supporters of President Donald Trump insisted to CNN's Donie O'Sullivan that a wrinkle in Democratic rival Joe Biden's shirt was actually a secret wire that fed him answers during this week's presidential debate.

While attending the president's rally in Duluth, Minnesota, O'Sullivan asked two female Trump supporters for proof that Biden was wearing an earpiece that helped him during the debate.

They pointed to a video that's been passed around on social media that shows a wrinkle in Biden's shirt that they claim was actually a wire attached to a hidden earpiece.

"Isn't that just a crease in his shirt?" O'Sullivan asked.

"No it's not!" one of the women replied.

"It's a wire!" said the other woman.

"Even if you're from CNN you can be honest!" said the first woman.

O'Sullivan then pointed out that multiple independent fact checkers have analyzed the video and have determined that it was a wrinkle.

"They shouldn't be fact checking anything!" one of the women shot back. "They should be allowing people to have a voice!"

Watch the video below.