White House official blasted by GOP adviser for revealing Trump's 'next 48 hours will be critical'
Donald Trump (AFP / Nicholas Kamm)

There appears to be a general state of confusion between the mixed messages coming from the White House on President Donald J. Trump's health compared to the office of his personal physician, Dr. Sean Conley. The White House continues to issue statements regarding Trump's "very concerning" vitals, while Conley's team claims everything is coming up roses for the seemingly sickly president.

“The world has to know whether the president of the United States is in good health,” said Scott Jennings, who worked for President George W. Bush and has deep ties to Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY). It was chief of staff Mark Meadows who reportedly make the comments that angered Jennings.

“You cannot have inconsistent reports about the president’s health," said Jennings. "I am stunned that the White House put the president’s doctor out there and then issued a contradictory statement. You can’t do that. This just invites questions about what’s going on there.”

The incoherent messages being relayed to the media are the same notes White House staffers say they are receiving. No more, no less. Politico reported that "Saturday’s roundabout information release left some in the White House bewildered, capping off over a day of minimal communication between White House leaders and their staff."

“I might as well be a member of the public,” one aide said.

House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) tweeted that he had spoken with Trump Friday evening and found him to be “upbeat.”

When pushed on Trump's discharge date, Conley stated to the press, “I don’t want to put a hard date on that."

The one thing to know about the Trump presidency in general - and definitely in times of crisis - is that the overall message from this administration is muddled, messy, meandering, and melodramatic at best.