'Why would I lose New York?' Trump tells Fox & Friends that he can win deep blue states
President Donald Trump yells at reporters (Screen cap).

President Donald Trump on Tuesday insisted to the hosts of "Fox & Friends" that he's going to try to win New York, California, and other deep blue states where opinion polls show he's widely despised.

Host Brian Kilmeade asked the president toward the end of the interview whether he would try to make a play for New York given that Long Island and some areas of upstate New York have seen Trump supporters organize parades in his honor.

The president responded by saying that people in blue states were supposedly tired of seeing Democrats ruin their states.

"California is run horrible, New York is run horribly," the president said. "Traditionally, you can't win -- that's why it's very difficult for a Republican to win. You can't win New York, California, Illinois, three big states, all of them are run badly, and New York is run so badly, and I say why would I lose New York?"

The president then said he would push to win New York.

"I'll give it a shot!" he said.

According to pollster Morning Consult, Trump has a 34 percent approval rating in California and a 38 percent approval rating in New York.

Watch the video below.