#AmyCovidBarrett trends on social media after SCOTUS blocks NY from limiting church attendance
Donald Trump and Amy Coney Barrett, AFP photo by Brendan Smialowski.

Justice Amy Coney Barrett is the focus of many across this nation as they vent their ire and anger this Thanksgiving Day on the newly-minted Supreme Court jurist who cast the deciding vote in a decision that places religious rights over all others.

Overnight the Supreme Court preemptively blocked New York Governor Andrew Cuomo from limiting the number of people who can congregate inside houses of worship, in a conservative-majority 5-4 decision that ignores science and common sense.

Chief Justice John Roberts sided with the liberal wing in voting against the decision, and blasted his conservative colleagues in his dissent.

Many are pointing to Justice Barrett's repeated and apparently false claims that she would never allow her extremist religious beliefs to sway her legal decisions.

The Nation's Justice Correspondent Elie Mystal seemed to reflect what many Americans are feeling today as they wrestle with celebrating a holiday designed for spending time with loved ones, but are choosing to not to save lives.

Here's what others are saying about Justice Barrett today: