Bill Barr is weaponizing the DOJ to carry out bogus investigations into election fraud: op-ed
Attorney General Bill Barr (screengrab).

According to some, there's nothing to fear regarding Attorney General Bill Barr's new memo giving a green light to investigations into the 2020 election. But according to the Washington Post's Ryan Goodman and Andrew Weissmann, Barr's memo is a weaponization of law enforcement to carry out "bogus investigations."

"Barr is, once again, mixing politics and Justice Department policy, permitting the department to be weaponized to try to overturn the results of this election," Goodman and Weissmann write. "Indeed, Barr states in the memo that he has already authorized election investigations. Watch out for announcements (or leaks) of federal inquests that appear to provide a veneer of substance to bolster Trump and his attorney Rudolph W. Giuliani’s empty allegations calling into question the rightful outcome of the election."

According to Goodman and Weissmann, Barr's new policy isn't meant for a completed genuine or rigorous investigation of election fraud. It allows the Justice Department to bolster false claims of election fraud by opening “preliminary inquiries” into such allegations in the coming days.

"The predictable result is the launch of several Justice Department inquiries into allegations of “irregularities” with the electoral results that will, only months afterward and far too late, be proved false."

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