Calls grow to fire Chuck Todd for ‘malfeasance of journalism’ after allowing Republican to push pro-Trump falsehoods
Chuck Todd appears on NBC (screen grab)

Chuck Todd is once again under fire, as calls mount to fire the host of NBC News' once-venerated "Meet the Press."

Todd on Sunday hosted Republican U.S. Congressman Kevin Cramer of North Dakota, an early supporter of Donald Trump, and allowed him to lie on-air with nearly no push-back.

Among the lies Rep. Cramer spewed in just 21 seconds: The Obama administration spied on Donald Trump, the Mueller Russia investigation "started with no evidence and ended proving that there was no evidence," and the impeachment of the President was "crazy."

Cramer also went on to falsely claim Trump's baseless and frivolous lawsuits – including the most recent one that a judge tossed out "with prejudice" – are "appropriate." Out of three dozen lawsuits Trump has lost thirty-four and won just two.

And while Cramer did say that the GSA should release the transition funds to President-elect Joe Biden he refused to acknowledge Biden won the election. He also spewed other lies, with no pushback from Todd, including: Joe Biden has not yet won the election, Trump "is just exercising his legal options," and Biden has been "over-dramatic."

Now even more people want Chuck Todd fired.