Critics demand Dem senator expose Republicans privately asking him to ‘convey my well wishes to the president-elect’
State of the Union (screengrab)

U.S. Senator Chris Coons, Democrat of Delaware, says he is receiving calls from his Republican colleagues telling him privately that they know Joe Biden won the presidential election but can't say that publicly right now.

Many on social media immediately became furious, demanding he expose them.

On CNN Coons said "it is past time for Republican leaders to stand up and say, 'we should accept the results of this election,' and I continue to work with colleagues to urge them to do so."

Asked what Republicans are telling him behind the scenes, Coons said: "Bluntly? That they accept – they call me to say, 'Congratulations. Please convey my well wishes to the President-Elect, but I can't say that publicly yet.'"

Coons claimed, "these are conversations best kept private."

Many Americans disagreed.