Fox News' Chris Wallace: Biden is almost certainly ‘our next president’
Chris Wallace appears on Fox News (screen grab)

Fox News' Chris Wallace on Friday broke some bad news for President Donald Trump: Democratic rival Joe Biden is now almost certain to win the 2020 presidential election.

In analyzing Biden's current leads in close states such as Pennsylvania and Georgia, Wallace found it difficult to see where Trump could get enough votes to make up the difference against the former vice president.

"The significance of Pennsylvania is there's every indication -- and remember, Pennsylvania now the president is trailing by 6,800 votes, on election night he was leading by a total of more than half a million -- there's every reason to believe that Biden is going to continue to advance his lead," he said. "If he does that, and if the news organizations declare that he has won Pennsylvania, then he is the next president even without any of the other states."

Wallace went on to note that even taking away Arizona, which Fox News called for Biden on Tuesday, Biden's electoral vote total has hit 273, more than enough to win the election.

Watch the video below.