Fox News host admits if mail-in ballots are used in the future Americans will probably never again elect a GOP president
Ainsley Earhardt (Screen Grab)

Fox News  is trying to give credibility to President Donald Trump's lies and disinformation about the 2020 election, by claiming that Americans merely want to make sure the election was fair. There have been no credible reports of widespread voter fraud. The only ones who are claiming voter fraud or election fraud are President Trump and his supporters, but they have refused to offer any actual proof to support their claims.

"I've heard it said time and time again," Ainsley Earhardt told  "Fox & Friends" viewers Monday, "if it's not fair, if mail-in ballots are not reformed, if we use them in the future, then a Republican president will probably never happen again."

Republicans have known for decades that the fewer Americans vote the greater the chances are of a Republican winning an election.

National security lawyer Bradley Moss responded to the video (below), saying, "In case you thought their goal is anything but voter suppression."

Fox & Friends Co-host Steve Doocy added, "A lot of us mailed in our ballots. We would like to know that our ballots counted."

What Doocy didn't tell Fox News viewers is most states have a website where voters can track their ballot. Many states also contact voters to "cure," or fix issues with ballots, such as a signature discrepancy. 18 states actually require voters be notified if there is a problem.

But Fox News isn't interested in informing its viewers, it's interested in ginning up fear.