Fox News report determines Trump 'cannot pardon himself'
Julie Banderas speaks to Jeff Mason (Fox News/screen grab)

A Fox News segment on Thursday concluded that President Donald Trump cannot grant himself a pardon before leaving office.

Following Trump's pardon of former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn, Fox News host Julie Banderas spoke to Reuters correspondent Jeff Mason about the decision.

"I've heard this from a couple sources that I spoke to -- former White House officials -- yesterday, who said this president is planning more pardons," Mason reported. "Clearly this is a president who is on his way out from the White House and he's got just a little less than two months to continue to make his mark."

"The president cannot pardon himself though, can he?" Banderas wondered.

"There's been a lot of question marks and speculation about that," Mason replied. "My understanding, the answer to that is no. But I suspect that's something we will continue to see debated in the weeks to come before President-elect Joe Biden is inaugurated on January 20th."

Watch the video below from Fox News.