GOP ready to pull the trigger if Biden wins crucial swing states: ‘Thousands’ of lawyers are ‘at the ready‘
Donald Trump (Photo: Gage Skidmore/Flickr)

On Wednesday, the Tri-City Herald reported that President Donald Trump and his allies are ready to unleash an army of lawyers on the as-yet-uncalled states to do everything in their power to prevent Democratic ballots from being counted.

"Republican attorneys have already laid the groundwork in several states that on election night proved highly competitive, including Pennsylvania and Nevada, where lawsuits were filed throughout the day on Tuesday," reported Michael Wilner. "More filings are expected, and the RNC has committed to spending at least $20 million on legal efforts."

“We have been planning for any post-election litigation and recounts for well over a year and are extraordinarily well-positioned,” said Republican National Committee press secretary Mandi Merritt. She added, “We have thousands of volunteer lawyers at the ready in these and other battleground states, and our efforts will continue until election results up and down the ticket are final.”

As of Wednesday morning, Joe Biden has narrow leads in Michigan, Wisconsin, and Nevada, while Trump leads in Pennsylvania and Georgia. Most of the remaining ballots in these states are mail-ins from heavily Democratic areas, making the Biden campaign hopeful that they can win most or all of these states.