GOP sources say Trump had a 'temper tantrum' after seeing results swing toward Biden: CNN's Gangel
President Donald Trump (Screen cap).

Republicans close to the White House told CNN's Jamie Gangel on Wednesday that President Donald Trump flew off the handle after he saw his early-night election lead slipping away from him.

While discussing the president's false declaration of victory early Wednesday morning, Gangel said that her sources say that Trump reacted with rage and disbelief after seeing Democratic rival Joe Biden surging ahead in Michigan as more traditionally blue counties reported their totals.

"A senior official who is normally an ally of the president said that Trump had a temper tantrum last night," she explained. "That he saw that the numbers could start going against him, that he wanted to declare victory while he thought that he was ahead."

She then said that several Republicans sent her messages expressing disgust with the president.

"The Republicans I spoke to this morning are not happy with him," she said. "Let me read three quotes from three different officials: The first person said, 'He is behaving as expected, badly.' The second person said that 'Trump is afraid of mail-in ballots' and the third person said that what he said last night was, quote, 'indefensible.'"

Watch the video below.