Leaked White House docs reveal officials know the country is failing to manage the virus: report
Depiction of a COVID-19 patient in the hospital. (Shutterstock.com)

With United States reporting more than 100,000 cases each day and the country's death toll steadily approaching 2,000 a day, an internal White House task force report confirmed that there is an "aggressive, unrelenting, broad community spread across the country, without evidence of improvement but, rather, further deterioration," according to The Guardian.

The report published notes that the White House task force documentation deemed current mitigation efforts "inadequate." The report also stresses the need for "increased" mitigation efforts.

In addition to the rising case numbers, the COVID Tracking Project also confirmed that the United States reached an all-time pandemic peak of 79,000 hospitalizations.

The latest news about the internal White House report comes just days after Dr. Anthony Fauci, spoke at the Stat Summit healthcare conference where he expressed regret over not being more vocal about the dangerous of an accelerated spread of the coronavirus.

"Deep down, perhaps I should've been much more vocal about saying, 'We really absolutely gotta do that,'" Fauci said at the conference. "I said it, it went nowhere and maybe I should have kept pushing the envelope on that.

"It never became a reality because we never really had enough tests to do the tests that you had to do."

Fauci also said: "Community spread doesn't stop spontaneously unless you do something about it. It is easier to stop when the level is relatively low. The only way that you can get at community spread is that you need to test people who are without symptoms, in order to show what the degree of penetrance of infection is."