Members of 'Black Voices for Trump' caught on video harassing Black Biden supporters in NC
Members of Black Voices for Trump clash with Joe Biden supporters in Salisbury, NC (Twitter/screen grab)

Members of the Black Voices for Trump group were seen harassing Black youth who support Democratic nominee Joe Biden.

The incident was said to have occurred in Salisbury, North Carolina on Sunday.

In video shared by Twitter user @cialwayssmiling, a group of Trump supporters can be seen approaching Biden supporters in a parking lot where both groups were gathered.

"Please stay 6 feet away from us," one of the Biden supporters says.

"I'm getting a picture with y'all," a woman supporting Trump replies.

"Please stay 6 feet away from us," the Biden supporter asks again.

"What you going to do about it?" the Trump supporter chides. "Shut up, little girl."

As one man takes the woman's photograph, another man wearing a "Black Voices for Trump" shirt approaches laughing.

"Trump 2020, y'all," the woman in the red hat says. "What, you going to do something? Nothing. Do something. Do it."

"No, because we are for peace and love," the Biden supporter replies. "So go ahead."

"Go talk to your mama," a Trump supporter taunts. "They are stupid kids. They don't even have jobs."

"We're actually all employed," the Biden supporter points out.

Watch the video below.