Not ‘a James Bond movie’: GOP ‘kingmaker’ warns Republicans to stop false claims of election fraud
Karl Rove speaks to Fox News (screen grab)

He was known as the "architect" of the George Bush presidency, and to this day some still call him a "kingmaker." And while Democrats have good reason to oppose his practices and political policies, Karl Rove is still a voice of reason among Republicans.

So when the former Bush Senior Advisor and Deputy Chief of Staff talks on Fox News or writes in The Wall Street Journal, he's often listened to.

And it's time for the right wing extremists to listen to Rove now.

There is no election fraud, and no vote "stealing," he warns them.

"There are suspicious partisans across the spectrum who believe widespread election fraud is possible," Rove writes at The Wall Street Journal and on his site.

"Some hanky-panky always goes on, and there are already reports of poll watchers in Philadelphia not being allowed to do their jobs. But stealing hundreds of thousands of votes would require a conspiracy on the scale of a James Bond movie. That isn’t going to happen."

Let's repeat that: " That isn’t going to happen."