Republicans whisper 'it's over' as Trump glues himself to his TV and refuses to concede election: op-ed
President Donald Trump speaks at Raymond James Stadium in Tampa, Florida. (StratosBril /

Aside from a few golf outings, President Trump has bunkered in the White House glued to his television, vowing to contest an election that Republicans are increasingly agreeing he lost. Vanity Fair's Gabriel Sherman spoke to some of these Republicans, saying they "uniformly agreed that Trump is done."

"Sources said a Lord of the Flies atmosphere has enveloped the West Wing, with Trump advisers accusing each other of looking out for themselves," Sherman writes. "Two sources speculated that a report saying Jared Kushner had advised Trump to concede was a way for Kushner to position himself to his New York friends as a rational voice."

According to Sherman, Trump has a financial incentive to continue his challenge to the election results, namely by raising millions from donors to use some of the money to pay off campaign debts. But, there's also a political incentive. “Trump is trying to keep the MAGA movement going. That gives him a lot of leverage,” one adviser told Sherman. “But what Trump is going to find out is that the minute he leaves the White House, he’ll be like a used car coming off the lot. His value will drop.”

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