Scranton celebrates an 'uplifting story' as its own Joe Biden wins White House
SCRANTON, PA, USA - AUGUST 15, 2016: Vice President Joe Biden makes a jovial gesture while he delivers a speech at a campaign event for democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton.

SCRANTON, Pa. — As Joe Biden, son of Scranton, became president-elect, residents of Washington Avenue gathered for selfies and honked horns in celebration outside of the modest gray Colonial down the block where it all started for him.The tree-lined street in the Greenfield neighborhood, where Biden was born and lived until age 9, is a quintessential middle-class neighborhood that provided a central theme for his presidential battle.Scranton vs. Park Avenue, Biden called the race. And here, in the state’s sixth-largest city, which voted overwhelmingly for him, Scranton is claiming victory, too...

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