STOP THE TIRES: Thousands of Trump-loving truckers are threatening to strike over Biden’s win
Republicans gather on the steps of the Pennsylvania State Capitol Complex on November 6th, 2020. (Jelani Photography /

Just when you thought the world could not get any weirder, with American politics having been reduced to a giant meme of cats chasing dogs, comes this:

A bunch of truckers are threatening a wildcat strike to protest President-elect Joe Biden’s victory over Donald Trump. It seems they are convinced that Biden and “his” Green New Deal-- which he doesn’t support -- have officially ushered in End Times.

A private Facebook page called “STOP THE TIRES” has formed overnight with 62,000 members and counting (it was 61,500 when I began writing this). Its stated purpose is to mobilize a nationwide trucking shutdown during the holiday season, apparently embracing that not-altogether-Republican tradition of workers striking in the name of social justice.

At the website, Detroit radio station WWJ-950 reported this on November 11:

“The creator of the group, Jeremy Rewoldt, said in a Nov. 7 post, “We will not participate in the leftist, Biden/Harris Green New Deal.” He added, “We do not support the banning of fracking ... The United States of America operates as a capitalistic economy and OIL is the fuel she survives on.” On the page, a woman named Cara Carroll is named as co-founder of the movement, and she says the strike is meant to “protect 19 million jobs.”

The direct connection between fracking and oil is not as clear as the direct connection between fracking and, say, earthquakes. But it’s pretty clear that the Facebook page for oppressed truckers isn’t limited to trucking.

The radio station also reported the following:

“Beyond that, admins on the Facebook page say that drivers face "domestic terrorism" in cities run by Democrats. “Let us make this extremely clear: While we are a huge group of Republicans and conservatives, our focus in this movement is our blue-collar workers of America,” co-founder Carroll wrote, adding, "We are extremely grateful for what Donald Trump has done for the American people.”

So the self-described "banded group of brothers and sisters" who want "to show America who runs the country" is threatening to shut it down, presumably beginning around Thanksgiving.

For their part, less whacked-out folks in the trucking industry sound a bit like Republican politicians trying to explain away why it’s cool that Trump has gone mad. Here’s how the story was reported at the website (bookmarked by so many readers)

“Larry Fuentes, the manager of a large logistics company in metro Detroit told WWJ his truckers have not joined it, but "I can have some understanding of what they're coming for. Their livelihoods are at stake." He added that a strike would devastate the industry.

“Samuel Ford, a truck driver from Brownstown, Mich., added that he hasn't joined it, but the drivers in the strike group have a point. "Truckers are very often overlooked ... But they do have a very significant say-so over how this country is run," he said.

“So far, the call for a one-day strike seems to be all talk, as the trucking industry is humming along.”

In fairness, even “STOP THE TIRES” movement hasn’t become quite as unhinged as a president reduced to tweeting “DO SOMETHING!!!” as recently as this morning.

In any event, nothing says patriotism quite like ruining the holiday season in a pandemic for hundreds of millions of people suffering through the worst collective nine months of their lives. Those children not receiving their holiday gifts will certainly understand.

Perhaps the Trump truckers can be persuaded by this argument: If Joe Biden and his evil Green New Deal are really about to wreak oppression on America as we have always known Her, somebody’s got to long-haul beds of last straws to the patriots of this country.