'The math is not there': Top Nevada election forecaster says it's almost game over for Trump
Donald Trump/Joe Biden -- AFP/Biden Facebook page

Voter turnout this year is breaking records like never before - and now a top Nevada election forecaster says it's almost game over for President Donald J. Trump.

"The Clark Dem firewall is now above 89,500 with a big new batch of mail that posted overnight," Jon Ralston reported on The Nevada Independent's Early Voting Blog. "This is well above the 73,000-ballot firewall of 2016 and even above the 87,600 extrapolated number taking into account the increase in voters on the rolls since four years ago."

Ralston said, "If you look at the math below, it already was very difficult for Trump. Now he has less of a chance to win than he does of getting a gaming license in Nevada."

According to Ralston's math, more than 400,000 ballots have already been cast by mail in Clark County with more than 775,000 overall.

"The number of votes left for Election Day continues to dwindle, and the chances of an overwhelming GOP turnout to turn this around becomes less and less likely," Ralston said. "More later, but the math is just not there for Trump."

The definitive variable in this scenario for a Trump loss could be returned or rejected mail, but that number simply cannot be expanded upon at this time, Ralston reported.

"The rate so far shows it doesn’t change the lead very much," Ralson said. "But the dice are cast, and they look like snake eyes for the GOP."

Check out Ralston's full formula here.