Trump carrying out ‘public beheadings’ at Defense Dept after election loss: Pentagon correspondent

President Donald Trump has gone on a firing spree of top national security officials, and Pentagon sources have been telling CNN Pentagon correspondent Barbara Starr that they are alarmed by what the president might do in the coming weeks.

The past two days have seen the resignations or firings of Defense Secretary Mark Esper and his chief of staff Jen Stewart, as well as Undersecretary of Defense for Policy James Anderson and Undersecretary of Defense for Intelligence Joseph Kernan.

Starr told CNN that the president's moves are creating a sense of real unease throughout the national security community, especially because Trump is replacing these officials with political loyalists who will carry out his orders without question.

"One official who may well be the next to go said to me yesterday, for now, it appears the public beheadings are over," she explained. "Beheadings! You don't, you know, usually hear those kinds of words. Another official said, it's scary, it's unsettling, and it feels like these are dictator moves."

Watch the video below.