'This is unsustainable': Top White House official explains how Trump will end 'theatrics' as staffers flee
President Donald Trump speaking to reporters outside the White House (screengrab)

A senior official at the White House expects President Donald Trump to end his legal challenges to the election outcome.

The official told NBC's Peter Alexander that White House staffers are becoming frustrated with the president's refusal to concede the election to President-elect Joe Biden.

“This is unsustainable,” the official said, predicting that Trump will continue to claim the election was stolen even if he eventually stops fighting the results in court.

The official said that staffers “do not expect him to concede.”

“He’ll say something like, ‘We can’t trust the results, but I’m not contesting them,'" the aide observed before adding, “It’s not wrong for the Biden team to call it theater.”

The official also noted that White House staffers are actively trying to find new jobs.