Trump aides plotting an 'intervention' to tell him he has no hope of winning: CNN's Kaitlan Collins

CNN reporter Kaitlan Collins said on Friday that White House aides are having discussions about how to stage an "intervention" with President Donald Trump to tell him he has no hope of winning a second term.

Collins said that the aides were plotting an intervention because Trump is still in total denial about losing the 2020 vote to Democratic rival Joe Biden.

"I'm actually being told by sources that, in recent days, the president has said he has no plans to concede this election to Joe Biden, even if his path to victory is effectively blocked, which it could be by a Biden win in Pennsylvania or in somewhere like Georgia," she said. "But despite that the president has said that he has no plans to concede this election as he has continued to push this baseless claim that the election is being stolen from him."

Collins also said aides were discussing the best ways to make it clear to the president that his time in the White House is over.

"That creates this conversation about who is going to be the person that's going to reckon with the president and tell him that his time in office could be coming to an end," she said. "That's a conversation that I'm told the president's allies are still having, they're not sure who that person is going to be. They've talked about Jared Kushner, someone like an Ivanka Trump, but they haven't figured out who it is to bring the president to terms with reality."

Watch the video below.