Trump campaign insider: We are 'not as prepared as we should be' to win Pennsylvania
Joe Biden and Donald Trump (AFP)

All eyes are on Pennsylvania as Election Day graces the nation and President Donald J. Trump jockeys to remain in power. The fate of the presidency may fall squarely on the shoulders of the critical battleground state.

NBC News White House correspondent Peter Alexander tweeted Tuesday afternoon, "A person with direct knowledge of the [Trump] campaign's operations tells me, 'The team in Pennsylvania was not as prepared as it should be in a state that would decide the presidency.'"

"Pennsylvania is prepared. We're protected for this election and voters can cast their ballots with confidence," Gov. Tom Wolf told reporters at a news conference Friday. "Our state has made a lot of improvements to strengthen our election system since the last presidential election in 2016."

“It’s elimination contests essentially for Donald Trump in the early hours,” MSNBC’s Steve Kornacki said Tuesday, showing an electoral map with narrow pathways to victory for Trump. “Now, if he can fight his way through those early hours and win the states we’re talking about here, the next big test for Trump — well, two big tests come. One is the second congressional district of Nebraska. It is essentially Omaha, metropolitan Omaha. This is an area that Trump won by three points in 2016. Remember, they give them out by congressional districts in Nebraska. Democrats have felt very, very bullish about this district because of the demographics. The next test then would become Arizona, and if the Democrats are getting Nebraska, too, and if Trump has survived all five states we talked about here, Arizona is an elimination contest. Because that, plus Nebraska, would also get Joe Biden there.”

Kornacki added, “So you see it, tonight Trump has got to win state after state after state to stay alive. If he’s able to bring it down to Pennsylvania, that’s the state where we expect to have the slow count, the mail-in ballots that could take days. It could take a while, but Donald Trump’s got a lot of work to do before he can get there.”

"We will have accurate results even if it takes a little longer than normal. On Tuesday night and the days that follow, I encourage all of us to take a deep breath and just stay calm," Wolf said.