Trump campaign mocked after releasing affidavits from poll watchers alleging ‘election fraud’
Kayleigh McEnany (Screen Grab)

'Right-Wing Media Bubble-Induced Ignorance'

Overnight the Trump campaign released 234 pages of what it says are affidavits from poll watchers who claim to have witnessed election fraud or other forms of alleged interference.

They were quickly panned online.

Here's a noted national security attorney slamming claims made by Trump campaign spokesperson Kayleigh McEnany and RNC chair Ronna McDaniel:

Reuters DC reporter Brad Heath posted several excerpts of the affidavits as examples, reporting that "it's mostly allegations that they couldn't get as close as they wanted to the counting, couldn't re-enter the room after they left, etc. Pretty standard election stuff."

But one person claims an affidavit "appears to have been digitally altered after it was written."

One GOP poll watcher complained that the independent attorneys were "ideologically far-left," and that whenever a GOP "staffer was removed from the room" by police "most of the entire room would erupt in cheers and laughter."

Another GOP poll watcher thought that the military should have voted for Trump.

National security attorney, Mark Zaid weighed in, mocking the affidavits:

Some responses: