Trump is lying to Americans with his 'Hail Mary' lawsuits to overturn the election: conservative
Donald Trump - MSNBC screenshot

On Tuesday's edition of MSNBC's "Morning Joe," conservative author David French tore into President Donald Trump's efforts to challenge the legitimacy of the election.

"You can do what the president is doing, and Democrats are waiting until something like evidence is actually brought forward," said anchor Mika Brzezinski. "None is seen. None is expected. But he has a right to do what he is doing."

"He has a right to do what he is doing, but what has to be made very clear to the American people is that will not upset the election results," said French. "I have looked at the lawsuits. I have looked at the video viral conspiracy theories. There is an exercise in futility. So what's happening is this is being actively, and mainly in conservative media, mainly not from the senators, but mainly conservative media, this fever is spreading that this is illegitimate, it's been taken away and they hear lawsuits and they think a judge is going to intervene and change the results. Until you read these lawsuits and realize they are not even Hail Mary passes. They are insults to Hail Mary passes because a Hail Mary pass can be completed. It's frivolous litigation."

"This election has ended," French said. "There is nothing that has been brought forward yet that comes close to upsetting the results of this election, and tens of millions of Americans are being told otherwise. They are being lied to. They are being deceived."

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