Trump remains behind closed doors tweeting as the country faces the worst stretch yet of a public health crisis: report
Donald Trump via Shutterstock

According to the Washington Post's Toluse Olorunnipa, since the November 3rd election, President Trump's government, campaign and legal team have been "plagued by mistakes, oversights, rejections and defeats in a post-election period marked by unprecedented disarray."

After suffering a string of defeats in court over their unsubstantiated claims of voter fraud, Trump has continued to push debunked claims about dead people voting. Additionally, as the coronavirus continues to spiral out of control, Trump has spent more time at his golf clubs than at coronavirus task force meetings. Speaking to the Post, presidential historian Russell Riley says he can’t remember a set of circumstances "in which a president’s own personal pique has so completely disrupted the government’s ability to do its job well."

“History will judge this administration very poorly on this dimension," he said.

Olorunnipa writes that since the election, Trump has been mostly behind closed doors tweeting baseless conspiracy theories that have been flagged by Twitter for spreading misinformation.

"His low-profile approach to governing comes as the country is facing the worst stretch yet of a public health crisis that has already killed almost 250,000 Americans," writes Olorunnipa.

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