Trump's attempts to suppress Democratic voters could be blowing up in his face today: law school professor
(Photo: Screen capture)

Writing in VICE this Tuesday, Greg Walters and Carter Sherman contend that GOP efforts to "suppress the vote" could backfire on Election Day, since they're now betting everything on an overwhelming turnout for President Trump.

“If your strategy is based on making it hard for voters to show up, the voters who don’t show up might be your own,” Loyola Law School professor Justin Levitt told VICE. But it's not Trump's attempts to suppress the vote that could backfire on Republicans. According to Amherst College law professor Lawrence Douglas, it's also his assault on mail-in voting that could pose problems.

“It might be that by seeking to underfund and understaff the USPS, Trump inadvertently encouraged large numbers of Biden voters to vote early, so that could end up being a self-defeating strategy,” Douglas said.

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