Trump’s last-ditch play to stay in the White House is the 'full realization of his contempt for democracy': op-ed

As President Trump continues his crusade to overturn the election, we've now fully realized "his contempt for democracy," the Washington Post's Paul Waldman writes.

"Just to be clear: After the president’s lackeys failed to convince courts to throw out enough ballots in Democratic-leaning areas to give Trump a victory in key states, their plan is now to have Republican state legislatures simply declare him the winner and give him their electoral votes, regardless of the will of their states’ voters," Waldman writes.

Even as it's now clear that Trump lost the election, Republicans can't "muster the strength" to stand up for democracy, he continues, adding that it's obvious what Trump is getting out of this crusade. "Nothing terrifies him more than being known as a loser. So just as he claims that his many failed business ventures were actually brilliant financial maneuvers, he will insist to his dying day that he was the real winner of this election."

According to Waldman, the only people persuaded by the Trump campaign's election fraud claims "are the deranged members of the Republican base."

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