Trump’s spiritual advisor had a bizarre election meltdown – the internet responded with these hilarious remixes
Trump spiritual adviser Paula White talks in tongues calling on people from Africa to invade the United States to stop the election count (Photo: Screen capture)

President Donald Trump's "spiritual adviser" went off in an election-related meltdown that was supposed to resemble a sermon. In it, Paula White ranted that international people should come to the United States to somehow stop the votes from being tallied. That would technically mean a declaration of war.

She was generally ridiculed for the context and her demand for help from a different continent.

“Angels have been dispatched from Africa!" shouted White. It was something fact-checked by many on Twitter since Trump referred to those countries as "sh*thole nations."

Beyond the replies and fact-checks about an international overthrow of the United States, however, there are a series of videos where White was remixed with hilarious outcomes.

You can see some of them below:

And then a cat responding to the rant: