WATCH: Pro-Trump marchers violently rip down Black Lives Matter signs owned by local business
Trump supporters destroy Black Lives Matter signs while marching in Washington, D.C. (Twitter/screen grab)

A group of President Donald Trump's supporters were caught on video destroying property owned by Washington, D.C. businesses which have expressed support for Black Lives Matter.

The destruction was said to have occurred on Saturday as Trump's supporters gathered in D.C. to protest the outcome of the 2020 election.

Video was shared by photographer Mac William Bishop on Sunday.

A group of protesters carrying Trump flags and American flags can be heard cheering as men rip down a Black Lives Matter sign that had been installed by a local business. Protesters can then be seen stomping on the sign as others join in with shouts of approval.

According to Bishop, it was not the only Black Lives Matter sign destroyed by Trump supporters that evening.

Watch the videos below.