Wisconsin supreme court justice refuses recusal in anti-mask case despite receiving $20,000 from GOP plaintiff
Rebecca Bradley (YouTube/screen grab)

The Wisconsin Supreme Court on Monday heard oral arguments over a lawsuit that seeks to end the state's mask mandate that was put in place by Gov. Tony Evers (D).

The court hearing comes as Wisconsin is breaking records for new COVID-19 infections. The state has confirmed 312,000 infections and 2,637 deaths related to COVID-19.

According to WITI, the challenge to Evers' order -- which expires on Saturday -- is being brought by Republican activist Jere Fabick who has given more than $350,000 to GOP and conservative candidates.

Fabick reportedly donated $20,000 to Wisconsin Supreme Court Justice Rebecca Bradley, who has refused to recuse herself from the case.

WITI pointed out that Bradley will likely be the deciding vote in the court's ruling.

When the Supreme Court struck down the “safer at home” order in May it was controlled 5-2 by conservatives. But that margin is now 4-3, and one of the conservatives, Justice Brian Hagedorn, sided with liberals in May in wanting to uphold the “safer at home” order.