Yet another allegedly 'dead' Georgia Biden voter found very much alive by CNN

President Donald Trump's campaign claimed that a purportedly dead woman in Georgia named Deborah Jean Christiansen fraudulently voted this year for President-elect Joe Biden.

There's just one problem with this claim, however: Christiansen is still very much alive.

CNN reports that the Trump campaign seems to have mistaken Christiansen for another Georgia woman of the exact same name who died last year.

Christiansen even talked with CNN reporters when they showed up at her house, where she proved her vitality by vigorously denouncing the president's campaign.

"The guy lost the election," Christiansen told the network. "He should be worried more about taking care of people, with this Covid-19 going on. He's got a pandemic... Come on. Biden won. Let's move on. Let's help him transition."

As CNN documents, this is not the first time the Trump campaign has falsely accused purportedly dead people of fraudulently voting for Biden only to later discover that these alleged stiffs are still among the living.

"Last week, CNN debunked two other false claims from the campaign, both echoed by [Fox News host Tucker] Carlson on air and in an online column, about ballots supposedly being cast in the name of deceased Georgia voters," CNN writes. "Carlson ended up apologizing on air for one of those claims -- in which he and the Trump campaign had wrongly accused a 96-year-old widow -- and had an editor's note about the correction attached to his column."