'Alito is deep state now!' MAGA fans mocked over conservative Supreme Court refusing to save Trump from election loss
Justice Brett Kavanaugh and President Donald Trump at U.S. Supreme Court investiture ceremony (White House photo)

Supporters of President Donald Trump believed that conservative Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito would save the presidency from President-elect Joe Biden based on a series of false "voter fraud" claims.

While Alito was the one who dismissed the claims, he did so without dispute from other conservative justices, including Clarence Thomas and the three justices Trump appointed to the High Court.

Some clung to the possibility that they could win a new case where Texas filed a suit against multiple other states for their election results. It's all part of Trump's plan, they said.

You can see the meltdown from the MAGA supporters in the tweets below:

Meanwhile, others mocked the right-wing's loss and determination to create a conspiracy out of their own allies.