Bernie Sanders mocks claims alleging the 'Deep State' sabotaged his presidential campaign
Sen. Bernie Sanders (screengrab)

There's a real debate about socialism going on behind the screaming and bickering

Sen. Bernie Sanders' (I-Vt.) fired back at President Donald Trump's continued attempts to undermine the presidential election results with an inference about the previous claims of Russian interference into his own presidential campaign.

On Thursday, Dec. 3, Sanders tweeted his concerns about Trump's ongoing actions as he criticized the president's ploy to overturn the election.

"Trump's rants about a "fraudulent election" are not a joke. They are the most significant attack against our democracy in history. If the election system's "rigged," if the media's "fake," if federal officials are part of a "deep state," who can you trust? You got it. A dictator."

Now, some have rehashed claims about the Democratic establishment and mainstream media outlets being controlled by the so-called "Deep State." Writer Glenn Greenwald pushed the claim about the "Deep State" looming over the United States government despite President Donald Trump being the one in office with ties to Russian President Vladimir Putin.

That a Deep State lurks within and over the U.S. Government is now treated in establishment liberal circles as if it is some new right-wing conspiratorial concoction rather than what it is: a long-standing reality recognized long before Trump by political science scholarship, left-wing foreign policy critiques, and mainstream journalism.

Greenwald also claimed the Trump era has led to the United States alternating "between vehemently denying the existence of this well-documented Deep State to celebrating the Deep State's noble anti-Trump subversions."

The writer appeared to project the Republicans' shortcomings on to the Democratic Party claiming the political party has a tendency to "ridicule anyone who recognizes their undeniable reality."

It is now standard Democratic Party agitprop to ridicule anyone who recognizes their undeniable reality and, for whatever reasons, Sanders continues to dutifully recite from that script even now that the transition to Biden/Harris is well underway.

However, its no secret that Trump has lambasted everyone, including members of his own political party, who disagree with his baseless claims about winning the presidential election.

The publication goes on to criticize President-elect Joe Biden and his incoming administration based on the cabinet members Biden is selecting.