CNN’s John Berman destroys Trump for ‘masquerading’ as a victim while ‘literally trying to undermine democracy’
President Donald Trump in 60 Minutes interview (Photo: Screen capture)

'No Calls' to Families of Coronavirus Victims

CNN's John Berman blasted President Donald Trump's lack of leadership Tuesday morning, slamming the lame duck in the White House for "literally trying to undermine democracy to overturn an election in public," and playing the victim while showing no interest for actual victims of coronavirus.

"This morning, 102,000 Americans are in the hospital with coronavirus, that's a record," Berman told "New Day" viewers. "It's like the entire population of South Bend, Indiana in the hospital at once. An average of 2200 Americans die every day, 2200, and for all that death and suffering, the outgoing president is consumed with just one person: himself."

"His energy, such as it is, is almost completely focused on throwing out the results of the election he lost again," Berman continued. "He is literally trying to undermine democracy to overturn an election in public, as he holds maskless indoor events in small rooms in the White House. No public concern over a single life lost but abundant whining about his own personal political loss. Overnight CNN confirmed that the President made multiple calls to the Speaker of the House in Pennsylvania about that state's election results. Again, as far as we know, no calls to the families of a coronavirus victims, but abundant masquerading as some kind of victim himself. This is not leadership. it's theater, deadly undemocratic theater."