'Conjecture and musings': Dem senator tears into Trump 'election fraud' witness at Michigan hearing
Jeff Irwin and Patrick Colbeck appear at Michigan Senate Oversight Committee hearing (OAN/screen grab)

Michigan state Sen. Jeff Irwin (D) blasted former state Sen. Patrick Colbeck (R) at an election fraud hearing on Tuesday.

At a state Senate Oversight Committee hearing, Colbeck suggested that there was a plot to use voting machines to steal the election from President Donald Trump.

For his part, Irwin noted that Trump had not requested a recount in Michigan.

"If you were on the losing end, much like, say, President Trump or candidate John James, would you have requested a recount?" the Democratic lawmaker asked.

"I've doubts with the integrity of the recount process," Colbeck replied. "So, I probably would not have done that."

"So you would not seek a recount even though you believe there is fraud," Irwin clarified. "You would seek remedy through the courts, just throw out votes and tally what was left? Is that your approach?"

Colbeck called for a "detailed forensic audit" of the Michigan election.

Irwin responded by scolding the former lawmaker.

"I think that it's probably telling that the Trump campaign did not request a recount in Michigan," Irwin remarked. "It seems pretty clear to me that they know that a recount would mess up their current strategy, which is just to throw up a bunch of smoke and mirrors."

"It's particularly telling also that you here, sir, in committee have continued to repeat information about [the election]," he said, "and then when you are corrected with the testimony that this committee heard, you just go back and repeat the same old misconstrued statements about what happened."

Irwin added: "So forgive me if it's difficult after reading these lawsuits and listening to your testimony to understand even what you're talking about. We need some evidence, we need some proof. All we've got here are conjecture and musings by former Sen. Colbeck."

Colbeck, who seemed momentarily stunned, reacted by repeating his earlier claims.

Watch the video below from OAN.