Mitt Romney on COVID relief: 'The only time to borrow money is when there's a crisis and this is a crisis'
Mitt Romney speaks at bipartisan press conference (C-SPAN/screen grab)

Sen. Mitt Romney (R-UT) on Tuesday bucked most of his Republican colleagues by calling for a COVID-19 relief bill.

Romney appeared at a bipartisan press conference, where senators proposed $908 billion in aid for unemployed workers, local governments, schools, transportation and health care.

"COVID has created a crisis and in a crisis people expect Congress to act," Romney said. "It simply unacceptable for us not to respond to help in this circumstance."

"I happen to be a deficit hawk," he continued. "I don't like borrowing money. I don't like spending money we don't have. But the time to borrow money, maybe the only time to borrow money, is when there's a crisis and this is a crisis. We want to help people at this particular time."

Watch Romney's remarks below via C-SPAN.