REVEALED: Trump appointee told CDC not to acknowledge pandemic was hurting Black Americans more
Coronavirus Testing US ( CHANDAN KHANNA AFP)

Former Trump appointee Paul Alexander didn't just advocate deliberately infecting millions of Americans with the novel coronavirus -- he also told the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention that they should not acknowledge that the COVID-19 pandemic was disproportionately harming Black Americans.

In an email obtained by Politico, Alexander acknowledged that it would be "very accurate" to say that "minority groups are at higher risk" of dying from the novel coronavirus.

However, he urged the CDC to avoid saying this publicly for political purposes.

"In this election cycle that is the kind of statement coming from the CDC that the media and Democrat antagonists will use against the president," Alexander wrote. "They are already doing it and accusing him directly of the deaths in the African American community from COVID."

He went on to argue that there was nothing that Trump could do to make it less likely that Black Americans would die of COVID-19 except to continue to provide a strong economy.

"The president's economic policies are the only way out," he wrote.

Read the full email here (PDF).