Ron DeSantis acknowledges Biden will be president — but he refuses to say it out loud
Florida Governor Ron DeSantis

This Tuesday after Sen. Mitch McConnell directly acknowledged Joe Biden as president-elect after he officially won 306 electoral college votes, Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis seemed to agree, although he had trouble saying so directly.

When asked by reporters if he accepted a Biden win, DeSantis said, “It’s not for me to do. But here’s what I would say: Obviously we did our thing in Florida. The college voted. What’s going to happen is going to happen.”

“I mean Hillary [Clinton] the last week of the election was saying [Russian President Vladimir] Putin stole it,” DeSantis continued. “And I just think that’s left a lot of people really frustrated with how it’s going to go. But we’re going to do the job for Florida. We’re going to push ahead. We’ll work with whoever we need to be able to do right by the state of Florida.”

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