'We will kill them now!’ Pro-Trump pastor goes on bonkers rant about 'witches' at DC rally

At Saturday's "Jericho March" in Washington D.C., where religious conservatives gathered in protests of the election results against outgoing President Donald Trump, a pro-Trump pastor delivered a fiery speech condemning "Marxists" and "witchcraft" and vowing to kill the "demons" poisoning America for the sake of future generations.

"We are come together now, as American patriots, to let the Marxists know you will not have our educational system, you will not have our family system, you will not have our social media system, you will not have our religious systems, you will not have our governmental systems! The Jericho walls must come down!" he shouted.

"This is what I learned about witchcraft," he continued continued. "You gotta tell a witch, you gotta look 'em right in the eye and say, I'm coming after you! This is your last day! This is your last time! Every curse you cursed against our president, and against our nation, is gonna double fall back on your head! The Jericho walls must come down! When you shout, just understand you're shouting for this generation, but you're shouting a legacy for the next generation, because the demons we kill now, our children will not have to fight these devils. These our our devils, and we will kill them now!"

EDITOR'S NOTE: An earlier version of this story incorrectly identified the pastor as Mark Burns. The video has been deleted, we are looking for a new copy.

Watch below: