'Your own AG says you're full of crap': Trump roasted after 46-minute 'election fraud' rant
President Donald Trump. (AFP Photo/MANDEL NGAN)

President Donald Trump posted a 46-minute rant on Facebook about his "investigations" into what he calls election fraud. His description of the video is that it was the most important speech of his life. The speech was apparently far more important than his inauguration or announcements about peace deals between countries that weren't in a war against each other.

It was a speech that infuriated political experts because it was a clear attempt to use the seal of the presidency to undermine the 2020 election without any facts to support it. Trump has lost all of his lawsuits alleging fraud because the filings lack the evidence needed to prove there was actual fraud. At the same time, judges have required that Trump's lawyers state in court that their filings didn't include fraud.

Attorney General Bill Barr revealed that there was no widespread voter fraud on Tuesday, contradicting his boss. Yet, Trump continues to allege that the fraud exists.

See the reactions and the video below: