'Your body is mine': Video shows anti-abortion activists telling pro-choice protestors 'not your choice, not your body'
Activists supporting a woman's right to choose to have an abortion protested in March 2020 outside the US Supreme Court(AFP)

Countless thousands of Americans supporting and defending a woman’s right to choose an abortion protesting what is expected to be a Supreme Court ruling overturning Roe v. Wade, after a draft opinion was leaked a week ago.

A video posted Saturday appears to show several anti-abortion activists standing on the steps of a New York City church telling people protesting in support of abortion as a constitutional civil right, “You have no choice. Not your choice, not your body, your body is mine.”

Captions on the video attribute those remarks to “FDNY,” the New York City Fire Dept., but that has not been confirmed. The leader of the group is wearing what appears to be an FDNY patch on his pullover, and an “America First” cap. America First is the name of the group headed by Nick Fuentes, who has been called a white nationalist and a white supremacist.

“Not the church, not the state, the people must decide their fate,” the pro-choice protestors chant in the video, which has gone viral over the weekend.

“I am the people,” the anti-choice activist, pounding his chest, declares. “The people have decided, the court has decided, you lose.”

“You have no choice,” he responds to their chants, gesticulating as if he were a ruler. “Not your choice, not your body, your body is mine – and you’re having my baby.”

Newsweek describes the anti-abortion activist as “a man among a group of anti-abortion protesters on the steps of the church, who regularly go from the church to protest at a nearby Planned Parenthood.”

Another video which appears to have been taken around the same time shows the size of the crowd, several others with the anti-abortion activists, and a religious banner.