Alex Jones is abusing US bankruptcy law -- here's how
Infowars host Alex Jones. (Screenshot)

On April 17, three companies associated with Infowars’ Alex Jones — InfoW LLC, IWHealth LLC and Prison Planet TV LLC — filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection. Never Trump conservative Jonathan V. Last, in a column published by The Bulwark on April 30, is vehemently critical of the far-right conspiracy theorist and argues that he is abusing U.S. bankruptcy law.

“Alex Jones can’t even file for bankruptcy like a responsible human being,” Last writes. “What Jones is doing here is shuffling his assets and liabilities — it’s called a ‘Texas Two-Step,’ just like Johnson & Johnson did…. No wonder people view bankruptcy law as the redoubt of villains and mountebanks.”

Last quotes extensively from an anti-Jones petition published on Substack on April 20.

The petition explains, “Each of these entities are holding companies for IP assets: they are NOT the entities that control the content that’s been spewed over the years on Mr. Jones’ devil’s spawn, Infowars. More specifically, InfoW owns copyrights/domains related to ‘’ IWHealth owns cash flow from royalties and/or an agreement from Youngevity, a company that sells vitamins and mineral supplements affiliated with Mr. Jones. And Prison Planet TV owns copyrights/domains related to…. InfoW and Prison Planet TV license their IP and domain names to FSS but, according to the debtors, they have, as indicated above, no control over InfoWars’ content.”

The petition continues, “Alex Jones owns 100% of non-debtor FSS. He also owned (operative past tense) 100% of the equity of each of the three debtors, but he conveniently assigned those equity interests before the bankruptcy filing to what’s been dubbed the ‘2022 Litigation Settlement Trust.’”

Jones, in recent years, has been fighting lawsuits from the families of victims of the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting of 2012. The Infowars host claimed that the Sandy Hook massacre was a false flag operation, adding to the families’ pain and grief.

According to the petition, “To understand the logic behind him filing for bankruptcy, one must understand that he’s been spending the last several years getting sued into oblivion…. Consequently, in the run-up to this bankruptcy filing, Mr. Jones allegedly has been performing all sorts of legal gymnastics in an effort to protect his net worth…. The plaintiffs allege that starting in 2018 — when the relatives of the Sandy Hook victims began suing Jones and other employees of FSS in Texas and Connecticut for defamation and intentional infliction of emotional distress — to 2021, Jones personally drew $18mm from FSS in addition to his $600k+ annual salary — all taken while FSS operated at a net loss in the millions in each of those years.”

Last wraps up the Jones-related portion of his column with a biting comment.

“In bankruptcy, as he is in life, Alex Jones is a terrible human being,” Last writes. “There should be a special place in hell for him."