Anti-vax caller gets shut down after claiming COVID-19 vaccines violate 'Nuremberg Code'
Angry woman shouts at phone (

During a segment on my SiriusXM program in which we discussed a Houston hospital suspending employees until they get the vaccine, anti-vaxxer Anne from Washington called in.

She claimed that the vaccines are "experimental" and thus are a violation of the "Nuremberg Code." This is a dangerous conspiracy that's gained traction on social media.

While vaccines or any drug are technically considered in the experimental phrase when they still have emergency authorization from the Food and Drug Administration — pending full approval — there is nothing "experimental" about these vaccines. They've been tested for safety and efficacy in trials. Like all new — and older drugs — trials will continue. But the vaccines are safe and work.

More than that, the Nuremberg Code was about forcing experiments on people in concentration camps — brutal, terrible experiments on Jews and others who were tortured and died. Claiming this about the vaccines is an insult to all Holocaust victims, survivors and their families. It's an insult to the world. No one is being forced into any experiment.

These vaccines will soon have full approval. Businesses have a legal right to require vaccinations for employees. Actually, the federal and local governments, per a 1905 Supreme Court ruling, can require everyone to be vaccinated — which governments currently are not doing.

The lies and misinformation have to be combatted, and people like Anne are pushing conspiracies that we have to take on. I eventually had to shut her down when she claimed vaccines cause autism, which has been shown to be absolutely false.

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