Kari Lake election denial protest quickly goes off the rails after Confederate flag-carrying man shows up
Kari Lake / Gage Skidmore

An Arizona protest demanding a redo of this month's election erupted in acrimony after a man showed up carrying a large Confederate flag.

Protesters outside the state Capitol called for a new election because, they baselessly claimed, the Nov. 8 losses by Republican gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake and Senate candidate Blake Masters were marred by fraud.

At the same time, demonstrators clashed with a man who tried to join in while holding a large Confederate flag on a pole.

"I'm not racist," the man says to a man carrying an American flag and wearing American flag pants. "The flag's not racist."

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The man insists he should have the freedom to carry the Confederate flag during the protest, and others in the crowd yell out their suspicions that he might be an agent provocateur.

"He's saying white supremacy," says a bystander. "Get out of here!"