Ted Cruz slammed for 'lie' Dems have 'abandoned the working class': He 'abandoned his state and dog to go to Cancun'
Ted Cruz. (AFP)

U.S. Senator Ted Cruz is once again under fire, a regular occurrence ever since his role in the January 6 insurrection. His trip to Cancun, Mexico only served to worsen further his approval ratings, causing them to crater.

Monday night the Texas Republican lamented to Fox News' Laura Ingraham his belief that Democrats have abandoned the working class.

As many were quick to point out, that is a lie.

President Joe Biden is being hailed by pro-union activists for being the first president to strongly support unionization of workers "in decades," in this case at Amazon, while cautioning them that Amazon doesn't get to decide if there should be a union. (Bernie Sanders' former campaign manager called it "monumental.")

There is of course the Democrats' push to increase the minimum wage to $15, something Republicans virulently oppose.

Democrats are pushing through Biden's $1.9 trillion COVID relief bill which Republicans also vehemently oppose. Every Republican in the House just voted against it, even though it will bring much-needed help to hundreds of millions of Americans, especially working – and out of work – people who are struggling just to eat and stay warm this winter.

Staying warm in Texas, for example, has been a real struggle, unless you're a highly-paid Senator who can jet off to Cancun, like Cruz did with his family and friends when the going got tough two weeks ago amid a massive winter storm, power outage, water crisis, and in the middle of a pandemic – which many were quick to remind the junior Senator from the Lone Star State.

Here's Sen. Cruz:

And responses to his claim: