'Biden delivered': Devastating Lincoln Project ad mocks 'so-called builder' Trump on 'infrastructure week'

A devastating new ad from the Lincoln Project outlines the stark difference between former President Donald Trump's multiple failed attempts to pass an infrastructure bill during his term and President Joe Biden's newly-minted success in carrying the legislation over the finish line.

In the one-minute video, the Lincoln Project compiled clips of Trump's empty promises on infrastructure. Repeatedly, the former president promised to deliver a package to improve America's infrastructure, but that promise never came to fruition.

Since he was elected back in 2016, Trump and his administration promised to deliver a $1 trillion infrastructure package, but to no avail. Although the proposed bill gained bipartisan support back in 2019, the former president was still unable to get the proposal passed due to cost concerns raised by his own political party.

Per ABC News: "Trump and Democratic congressional leaders temporarily agreed to work toward a $2 trillion infrastructure plan that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said, 'would be big and bold.' But that disintegrated as House Republicans raised concerns about cost, Trump declared a new North American trade deal a higher priority, and Democrats pursued impeachment."

The Lincoln Project notes how Biden managed to deliver where Trump failed. For the last several months, Biden pushed for a bipartisan agreement on infrastructure and refused to let negotiations falter.

Although Republican lawmakers are angry with Democrats over the passing of the bill, their own failure to execute and reach an agreement during the Trump era is what opened the door for Biden's plan.

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